5 Tips To Treat your Heart well

Here at Everyone gives we believe the heart is the most important muscle in the body.
Today we got in touch with Personal Training West London for some health tips.

here are 5 tips to treat your heart well.

Meditate: deep breathing, quiet contemplation or sustained focus on a color, phrase or sound can help you let go of stress and feel peaceful and relaxed. Stress isn’t good for your well-being and your heart health it causes heart rate and blood pressure to increase (which both increase risk of heart disease). One study from 2012 found that African-Americans with heart disease who regularly practiced meditation were 48% less likely to suffer heart attack or stroke than African-Americans who attended a health education class for over 5 years. Incorporating this relaxation process into your daily routine could reduce your risk of cardiovascular incidents. Sound worth it?

Eat 5 fruits/vegetables per day. Don’t think about having to cut out other foods from your diet, focus on adding veggies to breakfast, snacks, lunch, and/or dinner. They can be very flavorful, are low in calories and high in fiber to fill you up without contributing a ton to your calorie bank. Cut up fresh veggies to dip in hummus or nut butter for a snack. Add some to your morning eggs, fill half your dinner plate with non-starchy veggies. Your heart will thank you for it!

Get some activity. The American Heart Association defines physical activity as “anything that makes you move your body and burn calories”. Not a runner, go to a dance class, play tennis, go for a walk, do something! Activity is great for your heart, your mood, your stress levels, and your mobility in the future. For overall cardiovascular health do at least 30 minutes

moderate-intensity aerobic exercise at least 5 days/week.
Take a bit of time to do things you enjoy. Do you like painting, hiking, drawing, writing,…. Take some time to do activities you actually enjoy. Doing so will help reduce stress and increase happiness!

Practice mindful eating. If you pay attention to what you’re eating, and your satisfaction with what you’re eating you’re more likely to avoid overeating.

Hope you found these tips helpful.

5 Tips For Increasing Muscle Quickly

5 Tips For Increasing Muscle Quickly

1 Eat enough protein

On a basic level, the more protein your body stores, the more your muscles can grow. This means that if you are looking to build more muscle mass, eating an adequate amount of protein is essential.

You need to build and store new proteins faster than your body breaks down old proteins, which is especially essential when you are trying to build muscle by training with weights and breaking down the muscle fibres that then need to be repaired.

As a general guide, make sure you eat about 2 grams of protein per kg of body weight when you are trying to add lean muscle mass.

2 Eat lots of meat

When you are after high-quality protein sources that are going to help you to build quality muscle, you can’t beat eating lots of meat – take your protein from sources such as chicken, turkey, eggs, milk, beef and cottage cheese.

3 Eat more calories

If you have tried to pack on muscle before and failed, chances are you are simply not eating enough – so you need to be sure to consume more calories by eating more food more often. Aim to spread your calorie intake over 6 smaller meals a day,

To calculate how many calories you need to be consuming each day, multiply your bodyweight in lbs by about 17, and aim to eat at least that number of calories each and every day to enable you to pack on quality muscle.

4 Work the big compound muscle groups

In order to pack on muscle mass as quickly as possible, you should concentrate on training with the big compound movements that work the largest number of big muscle groups all at once – think exercises such as squats, bench press, lateral pull downs and rows, deadlifts, dips and military presses.

These will help to build more mass by enabling you to lift heavier weights that work more muscles at once and create more power, size and strength. You can also rest for longer in between sets (about 60 secs), in order to increase the amount of weight that you can lift in the next set for added power, size and strength.

5 Don’t overtrain

If you want to pack on quality muscle, you need to ensure that you are giving your body adequate time to rest and grow between workouts, and that means not training too frequently or for too long per session. Be sure to train only 3 or 4 times a week, and for no more than about 1 hour per session.

Superfood recipe bring Your Trail Mix to the Dinner Table

Superfood Salad: Bring Your Trail Mix to the Dinner Table

This is our favourite superfood salad recipe, part of a series we are featuring all summer long. and stay tuned as we will bring more recipes to help you make the best of summer’s fresh bounty and organic health superfoods!
I am a trail mix fanatic. It’s almost to a point of obsession. I load it into little bags and containers and pack it in my car, hiking backpack, mountain bike pouch, purse and yoga bag. It also sits on a shelf on my desk, fueling my mind and body through the day.

That’s why I am not surprised that last night, when searching the cupbords for something to add to my bowl of leafy greens from the garden, I reached for the trail mix. I scooped out a handful, sprinkled it atop the greens, tossed it all with a little vinaigrette and called it dinner. I got a few strange looks from my boyfriend, who decided that the lack of food in the house meant it was time to order pizza, but after my first bite there was no doubt in my mind that I had come across a very good thing.
In hindsight it just seems logical. Why limit the use of such an awesome blend of highly nourishing foods, flavors and textures to its literal use? Why not bring trail mix to the dinner table? The crunch of nuts and seeds and the mild sweetness of dried fruits make a great addition to salads on their own so why not throw in the whole mix?

That being said, I am going to take a step back and caution you from using the type of trail mix that’s loaded with M&M’s, chocolate chips, and sweetened dried fruit. The point of bringing trail mix to the dinner table is to create a delicious, easy and great tasting meal, not to eat candy for dinner. Instead, look for a mix that’s packed with raw nuts and seeds, which will provide a good dose of heart-healthy oils, protein and other nutrients to the mix. Antioxidant-rich fruits like goji berries, mulberries, goldenberries or mango slices are also a nice change from the standard raisins.
Experiment with mixing your own or look for a high-quality mix like the Meridian Trail Mix , keeping in mind what sort of recipe you want to use it in. In salads a nice hardy green like kale goes well with creamier nuts like raw cashews and bold flavors like goldenberries. More tender baby greens work well with flavorful nuts like pistachios and mild fruits like mulberries and gojis.
Meridian Trail Mix adds an extra special treat to this particular salad because it includes raw coconut sugar coated cacao pieces. This hint of bittersweet cacao adds an exotic flavor and healthy indulgence to this ultra-nourishing mix. Use whatever fresh fruits are in season in your area and enjoy!
From the Trail to the Salad Bowl: Trail Mix Salad
▪ 4 cups fresh baby greens (young arugula and kale are a good addition to traditional greens mixes)
▪ 1 cup fresh blueberries
▪ 1 large peach, cut into ¼ inch cubes
▪ 1 cup Meridian Trail Mix
▪ 1 tbsp Dijon mustard
▪ 2 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
▪ 1 tbsp raw honey
▪ 3 tbsp orange juice
▪ 3 tbsp olive oil
Combine the greens, blueberries, peach and trail mix in a large salad bowl. In a separate mixing bowl combine the mustard, cider vinegar, honey, orange juice and olive oil. Whisk until emulsified and season to taste with salt and pepper as desired. Pour the dressing over the salad and toss to incorporate. Enjoy immediately!

Benefits of everyone being fitter and healthier

We have started this global initiative as we fully realise the enormous power that everyone being fitter and healthier throughout the world brings to society on so many levels.

But are you fully aware of what an enormous difference this would make to the world? If not, then be sure to read the below content which spells out the full range of benefits that would come from people throughout the world obtaining a better level of physical and mental fitness, health and wellbeing.

It’s truly mind blowing what could be achieved here….so be sure to read on…….

1. Reduction of major illnesses
If people throughout the world obtain a greater level of physical and mental fitness through physical training and exercise, then it’s proven and accepted that cases of major illnesses would significantly reduce throughout the world.

Illnesses such as heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes and cancer would be significantly reduced, leading to all sorts of benefits throughout the world as people become healthier and require less treatment for these types of diseases and illnesses.

2. Mental benefits of exercise
Physical exercise and training has been proven to have many mental benefits as well as just physical ones – again the list of benefits is long and impressive.

Regular physical exercise has been proven to boost self-esteem, improve mood, improve sleep quality and energy levels, as well as reduce people’s risk of stress, depression, dementia and other mentally related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Quite simply the best way of summing this up is that if exercise were a pill that everyone in the world could take – it would be one of the most effective and cost-efficient drugs that the world had ever seen! Now you can’t argue with that – so you can start to see the true power that getting the world more physically active and exercising more can bring to societies all over the planet!

3. What level of physical activity are we talking about?
As part of the initiative, we aim to encourage people all over the world to participate in at least around 150 minutes of physical activity over a week through a variety of exercise – this is the recommended amount by industry professionals and thought leaders so this is what the initiative is based upon.